Mission and Vision

Our Mission is to carry out and publish researches in the field of Islamic and religious sciences and cultures in accordance with scientific principles, cultural needs and international standards, and to train qualified religious science experts and researchers, religious knowledge teachers and religious officials with high equipment in this way. In addition to providing the opportunity to study at the undergraduate level for those who want to improve their knowledge in the field of theology, it aims to protect and develop our national, religious and moral values by following socio-cultural changes and to help the society to develop materially and spiritually.

Our Vision is to produce information about all the values of religion in accordance with the academic framework, suitable for the needs of the society, to transmit this information in the most effective way for the mental health and happiness of individuals, to serve for the preservation and development of our historical and cultural identity, to interpret in accordance with Islamic values and the needs of the age, and to be a leading and highquality higher education institution in international standards.